Liam Payne on One Direction: I think we've got a lot more to come
Liam Payne On One Direction Reunion!

Singer Liam Payne misses his One Direction bandmates and thinks there is a lot more to come from the band.

The boy band, which also has Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, has been on a break since 2016. Zayn Malik was part of the band, too, until his exit in 2015.



During a radio show, Liam Payne was asked if he would ever try and get the other One Direction boys on a Zoom chat for a Christmas get-together. “I’d love that, honestly, I would. I was recently on the phone with Louis for a good hour and I think we just need a proper catch-up,” he replied.

Liam Payne, “It was nice to catch-up for the 10-year anniversary, I’m hoping we’ve got a lot more to come from us – I sound like I’m talking about a football club, ‘I played really well in defence’ – I think we’ve got a lot more to come and it’s tough out there singing these songs on your own. Some of them area really difficult, there was a reason there was four or five people out there to overtake sometimes. I definitely miss them, and I hope we catch up.”

The One Direction singer, 27, also admitted his stage fright has worsened as he has gotten older, reports

“The biggest challenge I’ve ever had to overcome, I mean stage-fright’s a massive one. I think all of us (One Direction) have suffered with that at some point and to be honest with you it seemed to have gotten harder for me as I got older, I don’t know if I became more aware of what I was doing or, it’s difficult, and it’s not one that you ever really get over, you just kind of get on with it. It’s just part of the game,” Liam Payne said.

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