Amber Heard Reportedly Targeted By Coordinated Online Harassment With Several New Accounts Made By Johnny Depp Just To Spam
Amber Heard Was Constantly Trolled During The Johnny Depp Trial(Pic Credit: Instagram, Wikipedia)

When the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp case was on, social media was filled with memes, news, trolls, comments, and more related to it. Supporters from each side voiced their opinions, though it’s no secret that it was Depp who received more love than Heard did. One can’t also deny that there was a point when the so-called love turned toxic.


Hate against Amber increased as she faced the wrath of the fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor during the trial. The online harassment had become a part of the lawsuit as well and was addressed in court. Now, a report is in that states the Aquaman actress was a target of a harassment campaign.


A firm, Bot Sentinel, researched the extent of hate Amber Heard had received online during the Johnny Depp case. Unlike what was believed to be thousands of bots spamming comments on her, it turns out all of those were real accounts that came together to target Heard. “It does not necessarily mean a bunch of folks in a small room, someplace in St. Petersburg that are working together,” the founder of the firm said.

“It could just be a group of people who are against Amber Heard, and they decide on another platform — whether it’s Switch or Discord or whatever — ’we’re going to attack, let’s coordinate together,'” he continued. But it wasn’t just her who met with hate. The report further suggested that Amber’s supporters were also harassed.

Several tweets (14,292 to be precise) were analysed that used certain hashtags against Heard. At least 24% of accounts that engaged in this were created within the past seven months. The firm also added, “abusive trolls who identified as Johnny Depp supporters had subjected women (who supported Amber) to verbal abuse and targeted harassment.”

Though Depp won the trial, the hate continued even after the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial ended. The actress now has to pay the Fantastic Beasts actor $10.35 million in damages while she receives $2 million through her counterclaim.

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  1. Oh come on! Stop supporting Amber Heard! She needs medical attention. She is a liar who tried to ruin someone’s life. So, she asked for the trolling and the hate she receives.


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