Napoleon Star Joaquin Phoenix Says Vanessa Kirby Permitted Him To Slap Grab & Kiss Her While Filming For The Historical Biopic
Napoleon Star Joaquin Phoenix Says Vanessa Kirby Permitted Him To Slap Grab & Kiss Her While Filming For The Historical Biopic (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Joaquin Phoenix is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, and he managed to earn an Oscar with his amazing portrayal as the DC antagonist Joker aka Arthur Fleck. He has now taken up another challenge by playing the role of Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, with Vanessa Kirby opposite him as Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of The Little Corporal. The lead pair had an agreement among themselves to prevent the historical biopic from turning into something mundane.

The film has some intense drama between the lead pair of Phoenix and Kirby, and they had to be free with each other to bring out their best performances; they wanted to challenge each other while filming it. Keep scrolling to find out the deets!

Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby in an interview with Variety, spoke about their dynamics while filming Napoleon. Kirby said, “We were using the real words from their divorce in the church. When that happens, you can faithfully go through an archival re-enactment of it and read out the lines and then go home. But we always wanted to surprise each other.”

Joaquin Phoenix added, “She said, ‘Look, whatever you feel, you can do.’ I said, ‘Same thing with you.’ She said, ‘You can slap me, you can grab me, you can pull me, you can kiss me, whatever it is.'” Phoenix added, “We had this agreement that we were going to surprise each other and try and create moments that weren’t there because both of us wanted to avoid the cliché of the period drama. And by that I mean moments that are well-orchestrated and designed.”

Vanessa Kirby further said, “It’s the greatest thing when you have a creative partner, and you say, ‘Right, everything’s safe. I’m with you. And we’re gonna go to the dark places together.'”

Redditers have expressed their opinions on it, and one wrote, “I have ALWAYS had this huge dislike for Joaquin Phoenix because I feel like he is constantly using his ~art~ as an excuse to just be an asshole lol like would he “method act” for a part if the role was about a very kind, gentle, loving person”

Another added, “This stuff is making me appreciate Gosling, Robbie, Gerwig and the rest of the cast and crew of Barbie and their general wholesomeness all the more.”

While one of them said, “Actors can be unbearable sometimes, man. Take it easy, geez”

Another said, “Won’t someone think of the man’s reputation”

Followed by, “Girl was trying to get a kiss, and this boy said nah, I’m gonna slap her”

Joaquin Phoenix Slapped Vanessa Kirby in ‘Napoleon’ After They Agreed to ‘Shock Each Other’; She Told Him: ‘You Can Slap Me, Grab Me, Pull Me, Kiss Me’
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Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby starrer Napoleon is slated to release on November 22nd this year.

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