Most compatible zodiac signs with Johnny Depp
Most Compatible Zodiac Signs With Johnny Depp (Photo Credit –Wikimedia/Instagram)

Despite the controversy surrounding his love life and the successful lawsuit he won but his body of work is impressive to all. The actor Johnny Depp is a Gemini and was born on June 9th. The personalities the man has played are evidence of the eccentric and imaginative thought that people born under this sign are known for. We consulted celebrity astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji to find out who he will get along with now that he is back to being single, and the following is what he shared with us based on zodiac signs.


Johnny Depp and an Aries soul would have a good relationship. Together, it is possible that the Aries takes the major decisions but Depp, as a Gemini, would happily agree because they will play the role they do and that is of bringing innovative ideas and visions to the table. Both the zodiac signs gel well. They complement each other and their united sense of humour can charm anyone.


Depp and a Taurus soul would make a great pair. The Taurus are generally floored by the Gemini’s jovial nature and a person like Depp would love the direct and blunt Taurus when it comes to their communication skills. Together, their mutual strong attraction and personality can bind them and make them great pair. Well, it sounds like everything that he initially had with Amber Heard who’s a Taurus but we all know what happened later.


A Libra and Johnny Depp, a Gemini, would be great together. Reason being, both are very optimistic and love socialising. Both zodiacs have a very intellectually stimulating compatibility and this makes for a beautiful combination. A Libra and a Gemini can tickle each other’s funny bones and they can have a great time.


Leo and Johnny Depp, a Gemini, have a lot in common. Both are well known for their passionate personalities and they support each other a lot. They refuel each other and they just know how to handle each other’s ego too. For a personality like Johnny Depp, a Leo soul can be a competition but in a very healthy way. Both the zodiac signs are ambitious souls.

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