Millie Bobby Brown Confesses Stealing Clothes From The Set Of Stranger Things!
Millie Bobby Brown Confesses Stealing Clothes From The Set Of Stranger Things! (Pic credit: Still from series)

Millie Bobby Brown, who is winning everyone’s heart through a flawless performance in Enola Holmes, has revealed that she had stolen clothes from a fake (set) store on the set of Stranger Things. The sixteen-year-old actress stated that she felt bad for taking items of clothing for herself from the shop during the shoot of season three of the Netflix series.

In a recent interview, the actress has confessed taking corduroy jeans and a stripey red and blue T-shirt from the set while filming the mall scenes in Stranger Things season three.



Millie Bobby Brown said during an interview with BBC Radio One, “I walked in there, obviously it was not a real store, it was definitely a set store but I did take corduroy jeans and a stripey red and blue T-shirt.”

Well, if you think that Millie Bobby Brown had only stolen clothes from the set, then you might be wrong as the actress also revealed that she also took a lighter prop from the set of intruders when she was merely nine years old.

Millie Bobby Brown’s recent movie Enola Holmes is available on Netflix. The film is well received by the audience as well as the critics. The actress also spoke about a special gift she got while filming for the movie. She said, “Somebody gave me Dash, which you will understand when you watch the film, but that is something that I have at my house, and I love, so that’s something I took from the film, and a corset.”

While speaking about Enola Holmes, Millie Bobby Brown previously said in an interview on Netflix’s Film Club YouTube channel, “ In the beginning of the film, Enola just wants to be loved and looked at as a young woman. And at the end of the film, she accepts that it’s actually way better to be who she truly is. I think that if young women walk away from this film feeling empowered, thinking that they have a seat at the table, that their voices are going to be heard, then I think that’s what the film is all about.”

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