Marvel Trivia #7: Is Kevin Feige An Inspiration Between All The 'Bald' Villains In The MCU? Read On
Marvel Trivia #7: Is Kevin Feige An Inspiration Between All The ‘Bald’ Villains In The MCU? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Marvel enjoys a massive fanbase as the movies are loved across the world. The films churned out by the Marvel studios every year are consistent box office and critical hits. While Superhero characters have a special place in the audience’s heart, all the supervillain characters are more deadly than the next one and have a distinctive backstory.

From intergalactic warlord Thanos to Red Skull, there’s one similar feature that binds them together. They’re all bald. Is this a pure co-incident or a strategic move taken by Marvel Studios? Well, a fan has a theory about it. Scroll down to know more.



A Reddit user claims that Marvel head Kevin Feige is the inspiration behind the marvel supervillain characters’ bald features. The user wrote, The MCU is littered with bald villains across these 23 movies. Think about it; Red Skull, Malekith, Abomination, Jasper Sitwell, Yellow Jacket, and even Ultron is arguably bald! And even more so, the Infinity Saga starts and ends with a bald villain, those being Obadiah in Iron Man and the one and only mad titan Thanos himself in Endgame. You may be saying “BuT wAiT, tHe InFiNiTy SaGa EnDs WiTh sPiDeR-mAn FaR fRoM hOmE!!!1!” in which I respond… shut up this is my post not yours. So what’s Marvel’s deal? What do they have against the chrome-domed folk? Well, I just happen to have the answer to that.”

The Reddit user further added in his post, “Think about it; who is the one person who is involved with every single MCU movie (besides Louis Despacito or whatever his name is)? Kevin Feige, of course! And what trait does Kevin Feige share with all of the other people I named? Bingo, that big shiny milk dud head of his. Does Kevin Feige see himself as a villain, and continues to constantly portray villains as himself in these movies to show it? The answer may never be clear, but what is clear is the fact that the MCU is riddled with mango-bango, crop-circled, hinged-haired, pumpkin-skulled villains, and something needs to be done about it. I made a petition to hopefully reach out to Marvel Studios and put an end to this madness. I hope each and every one of you consider signing. It only takes a few seconds. For the bald!”

Take a look at the Reddit post below:

There is an abundance of bald villains in the MCU. from marvelstudios

Do you agree with the Marvel fan’s theory? Let us know in the comments.

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