Robert Downey Jr Body Double In Iron Man 3
Robert Downey Jr’s Body Double Shot The Final Scene In Iron Man 3 ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Robert Downey Jr., actor who kick-started the MCU with the first MCU movie is undoubtedly one of the finest actors of recent times. His portrayal of Iron Man/ Tony Stark has been an iconic character that fans will remember always. As we never know if we might get to see him playing the iconic character again in the future, did you know the final scene of the Iron Man 3 movie had his body double? Read on to find out.

Iron Man 3 teased that this could be the end of Iron Man as he throws the arc reactor after his surgery. Now, we know that was not the end of the character! The ending was hailed as a nonsensical MCU moment but he assured the audience that he would always be Iron Man. However, the actor had an injury while filming the movie and we assure that you would not have caught the scene that had RDJ’s body double.

Robert Downey Jr.’s ankle injury halted production for six weeks as he recovered which compromised Marvel’s timetable. With no RDJ on the camera, the studio shot a few scenes where they “reconstructed RDJ as Tony Stark on set, with the help of [a] body double and the facial captures we’d collected afterward,” explains Iron Man 3’s VFX supervisor Chris Townsend.

Similarly, the final scene of Tony Stark throwing the shrapnel did not have RDJ, instead had a body double. The scene was recreated from scratch and with the help of VFX, the production was able to insert Robert Downey Jr. into the climax of the film. This was the same technology that was used to shoot Chris Evans’ scenes in the first Captain America film where he transformed from “Skinny Steve” to Captain America.

While we never know whether we will see RDJ back as Iron Man or not, we love him 3000!
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