Kevin Feige Was Upset With Victoria Alonso For Breaking His Cardinal Rules
Victoria Alonso Was Fired From Her Position At Marvel In March 2023 & Kevin Feige Didn’t Intervene At All(Photo Credit –Instagram/wikimedia/Imdb)

The chaos that both the superhero universes (MCU & DCU) have been in for the past many months is intense, and both Kevin Feige and James Gunn are trying very hard to clear the air and bounce back to the glory both once enjoyed, minus the constant clouds of controversies flying above their realms. For Feige, it is not just about making his movies and shows work like they once did, but also saving the company’s image in recent scenarios like that of Victoria Alonso’s firing from her executive position at the studio. Turns out a can of worms has opened again.

For the unversed, Alonso served as the President of physical and post-production, visual effects, and animation at Marvel Studios for 17 long years. She was recently fired from the position at the studio, creating a storm that churned out multiple allegations and rumors. While some said it was her creating a toxic work environment in the VFX wing, some spoke about her stand against the Don’t Say Gay bill.

But Disney, in their defense, has said that Victoria Alonso breached her contract by working with Amazon studios while being in an active contract with Marvel. Turns out it was a mix of everything, and Kevin Feige was upset with Alonso for breaking one rule that he holds on to religiously, not speaking out against the company publicly and thus didn’t intervene in the studio’s decision to fire her. Read on to know more.

Kevin Feige was not a part of the decision to fire Victoria Alonso, nor did he intervene in the process as reported. But now, as per Direct, he had a very severe disagreement with her due to her talking against Disney CEO Bob Chapek and him not standing against Florida’s controversial anti-LGBTQ+ ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill in public. “Alonso had broken one of Feige’s cardinal rules: don’t speak out publicly against the company,” says an excerpt from Joanna Robinson, new book MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios.

It was then said that she was kept away from the press. Now, a new update says Kevin Feige told Victoria Alonso that she had outgrown her role. “A source close to the matter said that later that year, Feige suggested to Alonso that she had outgrown her role at Marvel. He reportedly cautioned her to ‘keep her head down’ and ‘do the work.’”.

Victoria Alonso, who is a lesbian herself, has even refused to act on orders to take down LGBTQIA+ symbols from Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania so it could be released in foreign countries that could ban the movie if the symbols weren’t taken down. “In early 2023, Alonso refused to act on Marvel Studios’ request to remove LGBTQ pride symbols from Quantumania for foreign markets. The atmosphere at the studio was tense: the department of ‘yes’ had said ‘no.’ D’Esposito outsourced the VFX work anyway, an act Alonso regarded as a betrayal.”

However, the drama is still very fresh because Victoria Alonso was fired in March 2023, and a lot has been said in these months as she has been blamed for creating a toxic work environment, accused of breaching contract by working on Argentina 1985 for Amazon. It now becomes clear why Kevin Feige did not intervene. The cardinal rules are too precious to the Marvel President. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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