Margot Robbie Is flabbergasted Hearing About Harley Quinn’s Death In Her DC Universe Timeline, Says “Whaaat?”
Margot Robbie Reacts To The Fate Of Her Character, Harley Quinn In The DC Universe ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Margot Robbie has made a special place for herself in our hearts thanks to her role as Harley Quinn in Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey and James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. But recently, the 31-year-old Australian actress announced that she wants to takes a break from the character. During a recent interaction, the actress learned about her character’s fate as per the timeline she’s in and below is her reaction to it.

For the unversed, there are many timeline and iterations of Quinn in the DC Universe, but Robbie’s character timeline sync with that of Jared Leto’s Joker and Ben Affleck’s Batman. And (spoiler alert) in this DC movie timeline, Harley died in Batman’s arms. Shocked? Check out how the actress reacted hearing it.

During a chat with EW, Margot Robbie spoke at length about her DC Universe character Harley Quinn and wanting to take a break. The 31-year-old Australian actress said, “I was kind of like, oof, I need a break from Harley because she’s exhausting. I don’t know when we’re next going to see her. I’m just as intrigued as everyone else is.”

When the interview told her that in her DC movie timeline, Harley Quinn dies in Batman’s arms, Margot Robbie was flabbergasted and said, “Whaaat?” The actress further said, “I didn’t know that. [Laughs] Thank you for telling me!”

The Australian actress continued, “I guess it’s kind of like the comics. The film version of the DC universe, I actually think they’re a lot like the comics. You pick up one comic and something’s happening and then you pick up the next comic and maybe that character’s not alive, maybe that character’s not with that person, maybe that character looks completely different. Each movie is its own sort of thing, and I think that works in the comic book world, and I think that works in the DC film world as well.”

Drawing comparisons with the other big comic – Marvel, Margot Robbie said, “It’s not like Marvel where everything is more obviously linked in a more linear way. It feels like there’s so many adjacent stories, worlds, and films happening at the same time, just like there are in the comics. So, yeah, I didn’t know that, but it doesn’t necessarily change what other people are able to do with this universe, I don’t think.”

She added, “What one director decides I don’t think dictates what another director might be able to pick up and do with the world and the characters, which is fun. I think that’s an appealing aspect for directors in the DC world, they can make it their own, the way James did. He didn’t have to be beholden to the version that David Ayer (director of Suicide Squad) set up. He could pick it up and make it his own, which I’m sure was more appealing for him.”

Well, we would love to see Margot Robbie continuing playing Harley Quinn, wouldn’t you?

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