Lily Allen On Her Wedding Dress & Fear Of S*x: “Felt Like A Vessel For Male Enjoyment”
Lily Allen On Her Wedding Dress & Fear Of S*x: “Felt Like A Vessel For Male Enjoyment” (Photo Credit: Instagram/Lily Allen)


It is every Bride’s dream to have a perfect wedding and most importantly have the ideal and a gorgeous wedding dress. Lily Allen too wanted something similar. But did you know that she bought her wedding her just hours before her Las Vegas wedding to now-husband David Harbour?

It won’t be wrong to say that shopping for one’s wedding dress just a few hours before the wedding is a unique thing in itself. The 35-year-old singer never announced her engagement and the ceremony was earlier supposed to be held in September. Continue reading further to know all about her wedding dress.


According to reports in Daily Mail, Lily Allen was originally planning on wearing a Dolly Parton Esque dress for the ceremony in September. Speaking about her wedding dress, Lily explained she went shopping for it on the day of the ceremony with her daughter. She said, “Well me and my daughter had gone to a place called Beautiful Brides that morning, to go and try on rental dresses and we found one that was like very Dolly Parton Esque, like massive sleeves and diamontes and stuff.”

“I was planning on wearing that, and then me and my daughter went shopping, and we went into the Dior store and found this dress. I was like, What do you think of this? and she was like, well, I don’t think you’re leaving this shop without it” added Lily Allen.

Lily and David tied the knot at the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas and were married by an Elvis Presley impersonator. Speaking about dating in her twenties, Lily admitted she had a lot of fear around sex and sometimes felt like a vessel.

Lily Allen said: “I felt like a vessel for male enjoyment, and I think that a lot of it is fear. I think that like, we think, as soon as you’re not convincing him that he is doing a good job, he loses his confidence and then who knows what the f**k could happen when that happens. You can either turn to anger or concern or whatever, but it’s not going to be a pleasurable experience, yes it does all come from a fearful place.”

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