Kristen Bell uses melatonin to help her children sleep
Kristen Bell uses melatonin to help her children sleep(Photo Credit–Instagram)

Actress Kristen Bell, who is married to actor Dax Shepard since 2013 and has daughters Lincoln and Delta, has shared that she used gummies containing the natural hormone melatonin to get her children to sleep and she would “hook up” with her husband.

She said: “We just graduated from them sleeping on the floor on this trifold mattress. So you can congratulate me – we did it, they now sleep in their room on beds right next to each other and they cuddle with each other instead of us.. (We used) Hello, Bello nighttime gummies.”



Kristen Bell added: “It would knock them out quicker and they’d be great, and then we would hook up. We do not want to go to sleep when they want to go to sleep, so we would hook up our headphones by Bluetooth to the television, put on a show and they would be on the floor like trying to fall asleep. So, that’s how we got out of having to go to bed at the same time.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Frozen’ star explained that she had also “desperately tried” the girls pack their own lunches after complaints but her tactic backfired when they chose to fill their boxes with Skittles.

Kristen Bell told E! News: “I desperately tried to get them to pack their own lunch, but it does not always work. It’s like, okay, you didn’t like what I packed, you pack your lunch. And I looked in and it was like literally all Skittles!”

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