Kit Harington Reacts To The Possibility Of Son Watching His S*x Scenes From Game Of Thrones
Kit Harington played Jon Snow In Game Of Thrones For Eight Long Seasons ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Kit Harington is back at making news long after he ended his stint as Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones with eight seasons in 2019. The actor is now making all the headlines for making his much anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with Chloé Zhao’s Eternals that is ruling theatres worldwide as we speak. The actor plays Dane Whitman in the movie and as confirmed has a longer part to play in the MCU in the coming years.

But no matter how many more franchises he gets his name involved in, the good ghost of Game Of Thrones is not leaving his back anytime soon. After answering about everything including working with Richard Madden outside the GOT world and the possible reunion with Emilia Clarke in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the actor was put into the trickiest spit by far.



Kit Harington in an interview was asked about the time his now nine-month-old son starts watching Game Of Thrones and specifically his much spoken about s*x scenes, what will be his reaction? Harington has the most chilled out answer. Below is everything you should about the same.

To brush up on your memory, Kit Harington and his now-wife Rose Leslie met on the sets of Game Of Thrones. Rose played his love interest Yegritte. The two indulged in the show’s most unique intimate sequence that garnered many eyeballs. Everyone knows what happened in the caves now. Kit was asked about his son watching the same.

Talking about how he will react to it as per Screenrant, Kit Harington said, “Look, I mean, you can just be thankful that it happened because otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. So that will be it. I’ll be like, ‘You don’t like watching it? Well, tough luck.’”

Meanwhile, Kit Harington also talks about Dane Whitman’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He says that there is no decided plan for him. He said, “There is no roadmap that I know of at the moment. If they have ideas about where my character goes, I’m not privy to it. All I know is that when I came on board, they said, ‘There’s a really interesting future for this character, and if you read up about him, there are many different ways we could go with him.’ And that intrigues me.”

Kit Harington added, “If I look at the comics and I look at what I read on the Internet about him, I’m fascinated by the idea that any character in any story is driven by some addiction to something. And with [Dane Whitman], it’s very palpable that this sword, this blade, has an addictive pull on him, and I find that really interesting.”

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