Kim Kardashian Used To Seek Money From Paparazzi For Getting Clicked During Public Outings
A Former CEO Of A Paparazzi Agency Has Claimed That Kim Kardashian Would Ask For Her Cut After Getting Clicked(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Social media queen and SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian has been one of the favourites when it comes to getting clicked by the paparazzi. However, a new report has claimed that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star used to “orchestrate” shoots with the photographers.

In a new Hollywood Raw podcast, the former CEO of the paparazzi agency Splash News Gary Morgan ruffled up a few feathers revealing a shocking habit of Kim Kardashian. Read on for more details.

According to the publication Just Jared, Gary Morgan while sitting with the hosts of Hollywood Raw podcast Dax Holt and Adam Glyn revealed how Kim Kardashian used to ask her for a cut after getting clicked at public outings. He shared, “I used to be the one that Kim Kardashian shouted at a lot.” Morgan shared how Kim wanted the money upfront saying, “She was, she was amazing and especially in the early days, she was really helpful. You’d do the shoot, she’d orchestrate it, you had to shoot a certain way, you know, she hadn’t quite worked out where her butt was going at the time.” The former CEO added, “And so she’d have to edit all the pictures she’d have to airbrush do what she wants to do, send them back, and then we’d sell them and literally the next day.” He further shared then how he used to make changes in the pictures after discussing it with Kim.

Gary Morgan further in the podcast continued Kim would ask, “Gary, how do we do? And you’d know, look at your phone going, oh no, no, no, please, no. And I’d go, okay, well we did really well. We made this here, this here, this here, this here. And she goes, ‘Great. So send me a check for $20,000.’ Well, what do you mean?”

To this Gary shared that Kim said, “Well, you’ve sold them so I want the money.’ Yeah, but we’re just, they’re not even printed yet. We’ve sold them, but they have been printed and then they have to pay us. That takes a month, then we have to go through our system. So in about three months, you get your money. ‘No, I want it now.’”

Gary Morgan also revealed that Kim Kardashian has a personal photographer that goes on vacation with her, photoshops them and makes them look really nice. He also added that Kim used to be really nice in the early days of their working relationship.

Morgan concluded that they easily made a hundred thousand dollars for Kim Kardashian’s beach photos in the mid-90s for the front page of renowned magazines like PEOPLE or US Magazine.

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