Kim Kardashian Gets Pulled Up For Her Acting Chops In American Horror Story As Netizens Say She Is Acting Like Her Mother, Kris Jenner
Kim Kardashian Gets Pulled Up For Her Acting Chops In American Horror Story As Netizens Say She Is Acting Like Her Mother, Kris Jenner ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Season 12 of American Horror Story finally premiered on FX and one of its main stars Kim Kardashian got brutally mocked on the Internet as many claimed she just cannot act. A few others also suggested that she was actually playing the role of her mother Kris Jenner. Kim Kardashian in the past has made a few guest appearances in other shows but let’s not forget how she has been in front of the camera for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and now The Kardashians.

On the personal front, Kim Kardashian is rumoured to date NFL Odell Beckham Jr days after they first sparked the speculations. Prior to this, Kim also made headlines for apparently dating another NFL icon Tom Brady, but nothing substantial came out of it.

Coming back to Kim Kardashian’s acting skills, the social media queen will be seen in the new season called American Horror Story: Delicate. Kim Kardashian has been cast as Siobhan Walsh in the new season but looks like she failed to convince the Internet. Kim with her debut on the show appeared in multiple scenes throughout the episode while sharing the frame with Emma Roberts. In one of the scenes, Kim says, “Then tell Daniels to suck my cl*t. She’s not missing a press day for a f**king commercial shoot!” Kim Kardashian has been actively promoting the show on her social media accounts but has not reacted to the Internet trolling her brutally.

A few on Twitter also praised Kim Kardashian as one user stated, “Kim serving natural actress I fear.” Another wrote, “Kim Kardashian just devoured every other actor. I’m dead.” A person commented, “Oh Kim is taking it.”

The next few brutally mocked Kim Kardashian as one user wrote, “LMFAOOO KIM SHOWING HER A*s ON #AHSDelicate it’s not acting tho she being herself fr.” Another stated, “She acting as her mom lmao.” One user said, “Not Ryan [Murphy] casting Kim to play her mom Kris.”

A person stated, “Don’t forget to thank Kim Kardashian for “acting” in American Horror Story while thousands of people are on strike and jobless. The union really thanks her!” And, one added, “@KimKardashian plays a really annoying character and can’t act.”

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