Keeping Up With Kardashian Star Kendall Jenner Called Out For Using Body Filter In Bi*ini Video!
Keeping Up With Kardashian Star Kendall Jenner Busted For Using Body Filter In Bi*ini Video!(Pic Credit: Instagram/igfamousbydana, Getty)

Kendall Jenner is a successful fashion model who has a naturally slim figure and gorgeous face. She had a reputation as the most natural and unapologetic member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But it seems she has disappointed her fans.


While her sisters were forever seeking to “perfect” their appearances through cosmetic procedures and Instagram filters, the 25-year-old model was simply herself in all situations. Now seemingly, the model has become self-conscious about her appearance in recent weeks.


Kendall Jenner recently shared a brief clip on Instagram that showed her kneeling in front of a mirror outside her bathroom with her cellphone in hand as she sported a cream floral bra with matching panties. Soon after the clip was shared, eagle-eyed users on Instagram found a glitch that revealed an area of Jenner‘s silhouette just above her panty line mysteriously being sucked inward in order to create a perfect hourglass shape.

Instagram user @igfamousbydana accused Kendall Jenner of using a body filter. Sharing the picture, the user caption, “We know the #Kardashians use body filters when posting videos – Here’s Kendall’s body filter glitching. It’s unfortunate that she’s editing a smaller waist and removing the normal curve that happens when sitting (even if you’re skinny or a supermodel) contributing to unrealistic standards and expectations of what human bodies look like.”

Soon fans and followers began to accusing Jenner of perpetuating unrealistic and harmful body ideals to young girls. One user wrote, “Kendall is so gorgeous, and this is so unnecessary. Do better, @kendalljenner,” while another user commented, “I’ll say this a thousand times… NEVER EVER compare yourself to ANYONE you see on Instagram. They are literally taking people’s money by selling you unrealistic goals thru apps and filters.”

The third user commented, “So eye-opening but also devastating.”

However, this is not the first time that fans accused her of using a filter to altering their photos to make themselves more visually appealing. Last week, she was accused of using Photoshop in Valentine’s Day-themed shoot for her sister Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand SKIMS, by both fans and critics.

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