Did Kanye just compare himself to Moses? It seems so from his post!
Did Kanye Just Compare Himself To Moses? (Photo Credit –IANS)

Rapper Kanye West has compared himself to Moses after deleting all his Instagram posts.

The rapper took to his Instagram Stories on Sunday to seemingly compare himself to the Bible’s Moses, reports mirror.co.uk.

“No one asked Moses how much he slept,” Kanye West wrote in white text over a black background.

Kanye West first shared the text with a typo before deleting it and resharing it with the corrected text.

It comes after Ye launched his own private school which aims to “prepare students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators”.

The 45-year-old is understood to be behind Donda Academy, which is a tuition-based Christian prep school that is said to charge around $15,000 per year.

The institution, said to be based in California, promises a “world-class education,” according to its website, which involves worship, science classes, choir and even parkour.

Sources told Rolling Stone magazine that families have to sign non-disclosure agreements, though a consultant for the school has told the outlet that only parents sign it and they described such as an “informal agreement”.

According to the school’s website, the daily schedule includes “full school worship,” core classes of language arts, mathematics and science, as well as “enrichment courses”.

It provides examples of such courses, including world language, visual art, film and choir. The athletic training discipline Parkour is listed as another example of such.

However, despite opening a learning institution, Kanye West said he doesn’t like reading books.

“When you said I hadn’t read this book, I actually haven’t read any book,” Ye explained in an interview with the Alo Mind Full podcast.

“Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.”

The star, who is known for his endless rants, recently admitted that his former-wife Kim Kardashian raises their children ’80 percent of the time’.

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