EXO's Member Sehun's 'Pregnancy Scandal' Spread Like A Wildfire, Singer & SM Entertainment React To It, But Netizens Ask For Chen's Removal
K-Pop Band EXO Faces Massive Backlash Over Sehun’s ‘Pregnancy Scandal’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

One of the popular South Korean boy bands, EXO is currently going through a tumultuous time period as its members are facing backlashes over premarital pregnancy scandals. Recently, a woman has allegedly claimed that she is pregnant with one of the band members, Sehun’s baby. Even though the singer and the band’s agency SM Entertainment have slammed the “baseless rumours”, the netizens have been targeting the members mentioning an old case of Chen. Keep on reading to know more!

For the unversed, that woman revealed she was allegedly dating the K-pop idol, and now she is pregnant with his baby. A few days back, the EXO member gave a response to the same and shared how “angry” he is about the whole situation and the negative impact on his reputation.

As reported in Koreaboo, when the news started to spin around on the social media handles, Sehun’s agency, SM Entertainment, quashed all those reports and wrote, “The rumours that are being spread online about Sehun are baseless misinformation, and spreading the rumours maliciously is a crime. Although the post has been deleted, we are monitoring the original author and those who spread the rumours and will take legal action.”

While the EXO fandom is blaming the woman for trying to take down the band’s reputation, there was a group of people who slammed Sehun in the name of Chen and demanded his removal from the group. For those who don’t know, this is because, back in 2020, Chen announced that he would be marrying his non-celebrity girlfriend and that she is pregnant with their first child. Even though a lot of people supported the singer’s life decision, there were some who lashed out at Chen feeling ‘betrayed’.

Now, after Sehun’s incident, the netizens have been calling this premarital pregnancy a “trend”. One of them wrote, “Ever since Chen so many people have been mocking EXO (there has always been haters but it has gotten worse since Chen). In particular, Sehun has been targeted by a psycho who has made it seem like they were getting married and that she is pregnant to the point that eventually articles have been written about it. As long as Chen stays with EXO, these types of rumours and harassment will continue. I wish Chen would leave, he’s so selfish. This includes Chanyeol as well.”

Now, the EXO fandom came in support of the singers, Sehun and Chen and defended them against the naysayers. Well, if anything, Chen is still happily married to his wife and has welcomed their second child too.

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