Ray Fisher Lashes Out At Justice League Director Joss Whedon
Ray Fisher Played Cyborg In 2017’s Justice League Directed By Joss Whedon(Pic Credit: Instagram/ray8fisher, Wikipedia)

Joss Whedon wide opened a can of worms yesterday when he decided to talk about the allegations made against him by the Justice League cast. The director who replaced Zack Snyder in 2017’s DCEU flick touted to be an ambitious project, was accused of bad behaviour, being abusive and threatening them by Wonder Woman fame Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher aka Cyborg. The filmmaker in his comment made some wild claims and turns out the dust won’t settle anytime soon now.

In a lengthy interview, Joss Whedon broke the silence on a lot of things. While he said he never threatened Gal Gadot and that she misunderstood what he said because English isn’t her first language, the Wonder Woman fame gave him one final reply. But the filmmaker created a storm when he reacted to Ray Fisher’s claim. While doing so he went on to call the Cyborg fame a bad actor.

The comment did reach Ray who didn’t give a reply yesterday. The actor has now decided to break his silence and lashed out at Joss Whedon for dismissing all the allegations calling them false. Read on to see what Ray Fisher has to say about the same.

Taking to his verified Twitter handle, Ray Fisher wrote, “Before I get started today, I want to thank you all for lifting and supporting EVERYONE that has been negatively affected by Joss Whedon. I was not the first to speak out about him, but I hope to be one of the last that has to. A>E”

He continued, “The irony is: Walter Hamada is probably KICKING himself right now for trying to throw Joss Whedon under the bus. Had Walter waited, he would’ve seen Joss had already bought a roundtrip ticket to run HIMSELF over…”

Ray Fisher later went on to call out Joss Whedon for investing two years and a lot of money to get his story straight. “Joss Whedon had nearly two years to get his story straight. He’s likely spent tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars on PR, crisis management, and coaching. And his response to the allegations is: “They all misunderstood and/or are out to get me—also my mom is sexy” ???”

Concluding his comment, Ray Fisher wrote, “Last thing: Please don’t put me on a pedestal. I’ve made more mistakes and apologies in life than I can count. Taking accountability for our actions, and how they may have affected others, can be some of the hardest work to do. But we must try, in earnest, to do it. A>E.”

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