Not Given Ray Fisher’s Cyborg His Dedicated Film Is Zack Snyder’s Regret
Zack Snyder Wishes He Had Given Cyborg A Standalone Film ( Photo Credit – Getty images / Zack Snyder ; IMDb )

It is surprising how a revamped version of a film has created a party like no other. The whole world is still busy talking and praising Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and the buzz is nowhere around subsiding. While that remains a constant, and we don’t know until when, Zack has started opening up about making this monster of a film. And also about his regrets.


Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher, is a supreme and pivotal character in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The 2017 version criminally cut down him, and the audience even bashed the studio and Joss Whedon for being brutal to the character. But thankfully, Snyder was to the rescue, and his cut offered fans the story around Cyborg that they deserved. But Zack now regrets that he did not give him a standalone film before developing him in the JL Universe. Below is what the filmmaker exactly has to say.


As per Screenrant, Zack Snyder has one regret that he did not push harder to make a move having Ray Fisher’s Cyborg in the centre. He says he gave Wonder Woman and Aquaman their moment to shine before entering the League but not Cyborg. He also takes a subtle dig at the studio that he assumed a Cyborg movie might be in the works, and it seemed obvious but didn’t happen.

Zack Snyder said, “I’m very sad that I didn’t push harder to set up the Cyborg movie before we shot Justice League because I’d done a lot of work to set up Wonder Woman and Aquaman and to get those movies on their feet. And I really wish I had done that with Cyborg because he’s really on his feet at the end of the movie. He’s really ready to go. And I just thought, well, the truth is I just assumed that it was a no brainer that a Cyborg movie would be in the works. You know what I mean? It seems like so obvious.”

Meanwhile, when initially the Snyder Cut of Justice League was announced, Ray Fisher was the first one to show his support and was quite vocal about it. He even called out Joss Whedon for being abusive while supporting Zack Snyder. That even gave rise to a legal inquiry.

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