JT Jackson’s Attorney Slams Kevin Hart For The 2019 Extortion Accusations
Kevin Hart Accused Of Extortion By Former Friend JT Jackson To Save Face (Photo Credit – Instagram / Kevin Hart )

Friendships are a fragile relationship that takes years to build but can break very easily. And the same can be said about actor Kevin Hart and his former friend JT Jackson. In 2019, Jackson was accused of extorting $5 million from Hart in order to keep a s*x tape concealed. Now JT and his attorney have spoken about it.


Owing to these accusations, JT initially faced up to four years in prison. Now the former friend of the Jumanji actor has claimed that Kevin made up the allegations to save his own image after cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish.


As reported by ace showbiz, JT Jackson and his lawyer Jacob Glucksman recently appeared on Comedy Hype. While there, Jacob spoke in detail about the allegations placed by Kevin Hart on his client. He said, “This started out as a man who cheated on his pregnant wife on her birthday weekend in Vegas. That’s how this story was run for a long time and Kevin’s team was successful in shifting that narrative to Kevin being the victim of something that happened in Las Vegas.”

Added the attorney, “What Kevin Hart did in Las Vegas, that was a bad move on his part. That was a mistake on his part. But, what happened was, was that Kevin got together a team of very powerful and well-known attorneys, together with his agents, managers, what have you, and they basically concocted a story to make Kevin look like the victim in the case.”

Glucksman Jacob further slammed the Jumanji actor saying, “Kevin Hart, I wish him well. He made a mistake that weekend. But for him to make himself a victim of a crime that never happened, that’s not okay. I think when it boils down to it, we’re going to have twelve people sitting in a jury box that [are] going to agree with that evidence.”

Check out some pics of the 2019 filing:

For those who do not know, in 2019, JT was accused of demanding $5 million from Kevin Hart in exchange for keeping the s*x tape concealed. In September 2019, two charges against JT were dropped because of insufficient evidence. Despite the drop, Jackson faces two felony counts of unauthorized use of personal identifying information as well as one felony count of attempted concealing and selling of stolen property.

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