Pirates Of The Caribbean To Have Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Dead Off-Screen?
Johnny Depp Is No Longer Said To Be A Part Of Pirates Of The Caribbean Franchise ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

No fan in his worst nightmare ever thought there will be a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp. But cut to 2021, it is just about to happen reportedly. While the speculations say that there are around 5 pirate films from the franchise shaping up with one being a direct sequel and another spin-off starring Margot Robbie, none are going to have Depp. But how does the House Of Mouse get rid of Jack Sparrow.


Johnny Depp found himself in deep trouble last year when he lost the Libel trial again a British tabloid who called him a wife-beater. While there were already whispers that he is not a part of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise anymore, things got intensified and the studio stood more firm on their decision. Turns out they now have the plan to how to bid adieu to their Jack Sparrow in the movies. Read on to know everything you should about the same.


As per the latest report, Disney has found a way to end Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow’s character in the movies. But they are also playing safe and keeping doors open that they can come back to bring him to his mantle if needed. As per We Got This Covered, the next Pirates Of The Caribbean movie will establish that Sparrow is dead. And that will just be a mention. But there’s a catch.

Several characters will not believe that and call it Johnny Depp aka Jack Sparrow’s plan to escape the bounty on his head. This is to leave the door open to come back whenever needed. It will be interesting to see how fans react to this.

However, it was this week itself that we learnt that the studio that had Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp rule the screen for all this year, will now hand over the new era of the Pirates Of The Caribbean to none other than Orlando Bloom.

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  1. Hasn’t Disney and WB done enough harm to Johnny Depp, and now POTC? They are going to look so BAD after all their support of Hurd in the face of her perjury which is catching up to her fast in VA 2022. The aggressive way they are handling Johnny Depp is going to backfire on them over and over. I feel sorry for their poor judgment and cowardice to “follow the piper” and ignore the man who did them no harm and gave them stunning films like no other.


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