Disney Plans To Make Fun Of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow In Pirates Of The Caribbean Film?
Disney Has A Plan For Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow?While Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is no longer a part of Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, seems like Disney has some other plans.(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

The buzz around Johnny Depp and him missing from the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise seems to have been in the news for ages now. Disney going ahead without the star who over the years had become the face of the franchise was in itself a surprisingly bold move. But seems like the studio associated with happy times over the years, is definitely taking more bold steps than one and the new move also has to do with Depp.

For the unversed, Disney, who hold rights over Pirates Of The Caribbean, have decided to make a few projects in the franchise without the involvement of Johnny Depp who is popular for playing Jack Sparrow in the films. This was also due to the controversy around him. But unlike Warner Bros, Disney did not bother giving out an official statement talking about cutting ties. If the latest reports are to be believed, the studio plans to make references to Jack Sparrow but there is a twist. Below is all you need to know about the same.



If the intel at We Got This Covered is to be believed, Disney is planning to make fun of Jack Sparrow through their new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. Yes, you read that right. Daniel Richtman, is pretty sure about the gossip he has laid his hands on. He said, “Disney wants [the] new Pirates movie to make fun of Jack Sparrow.” Well, it will be interesting to see how Johnny Depp fans react to this piece of information.

Meanwhile, there is no confirmation on which film exactly are they planning to. The film that is in the limelight is Margot Robbie starrer spin-off that is going to be all about women power. Only time will tell what film is this particular update about, but it definitely seems interesting.

However, fans are still at the protest against Disney’s move in going ahead with Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise without Johnny Depp. They have even circulated a petition that demands him to be rehired and has reach a huge number of signatures.

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