Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Trial Comes To An End With Both Sides Making Closing Arguments
Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Lawyers Make Their Closing Arguments(Photo Credit–wikimedia/Instagram)

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s lawyers have made the closing arguments, ending the over a month-long defamation trial. The jurors are now deliberating after hearing all the testimonies and seeing all the evidence. It may take days before the verdict can be out.

This past month has been buzzing with updates around the high-profile case, which has grasped all the attention. The internet is filled with news, opinions, and even memes about the $50 million defamation trial. Now, it has finally ended with the closing statements made on 27 May. Let’s take a look at a few highlights from it.

It was Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez who went first. His attorney called Amber Heard a liar who made up domestic violence claims. Vasquez said that Amber’s accusations against her client caused “irreparable harm” to JD’s good name and that the actress committed an act “of profound cruelty” by claiming that she is a domestic abuse victim.

Camille called Heard “a deeply troubled person, violently afraid of abandonment,” for making the claims. The other Johnny Depp lawyer, Benjamin Chew, said, “MeToo is an important movement, but it’s for true survivors, not Ms. Heard.” He even said argued that no other former partners of Depp came forward with any accusations of abuse. Though Ellen Barkin testified the actor was “controlling” and “jealous,” Chew said that didn’t account for physical abuse.

Then came Amber Heard’s legal team, who said that she has been victim blamed by Depp and reminded the jury that it was a defamation trial and whether their client defamed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor through her domestic violence claims. Amber’s lawyer Ben Rottenborn asked the jurors to side with them and decide if the Aquaman actress was even once abused by Johnny, which would mean her 2018 op-ed wasn’t defamatory.

Rottenborn also added that abuse can be beyond physical, and can be emotional or verbal as well. Her lawyer also cited multiple examples of JD referring to himself as a “monster.” “Let’s see the monster. Let’s see the monster in the flesh,” Ben added before playing a video of the actor slamming cabinet doors.

Another thing that Amber Heard’s lawyer alleged was an internet campaign initiated by Johnny Depp to trash Amber‘s charges as “fake” and a “hoax” that ruined her acting career. Rottenborn said that Heard “would have to be the dumbest person in the world to say ‘I’m gonna commit an abuse hoax, but let’s do it the day before I go on national television.'”

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