Johnny Depp Backed By Band Mate Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper Backs Johnny Depp Says He Is Not Buying Any Of The Allegations Against Him (PC: Getty Images)

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been in the public eye for his legal battle with a well-known tabloid and his tug of war with former wife, Amber Heard. Hell broke loose on him last year when he was defeated by the opponent in the Libel Trial, and that led to many studios withdrawing their backing from the actor.

Johnny Depp had to face some rejections and was told to even walkout from his successful franchise The Fantastic Beast. The actor till now is dealing with the ghost of the same incident and is yet to bounce back to the news for his films. While on that, he has now found support in his bandmate Alice Cooper, who feels Depp can never do the things he has been accused of by Amber Heard. Below is all you need to know about the same.

For the unversed, Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper have been close pals for years. The two play for the super band Hollywood Vampires, and the duo is pretty famous. The latter has now gone public in supporting Depp, who has been label wife-beater by a tabloid, and that has been called substantially true by the London court.

Talking about the same, Alice Cooper said, “Johnny Depp is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met in my life,” he told Page Six. “He is the most harmless human being I’ve ever met, so I’m not buying into all of the other stories at because I know him, and everybody else who knows him knows that.”

He says that Johnny Depp hasn’t met him in a long time, but they have had some exchange of emails. Alice Cooper added, “The thing that surprises people the most about Johnny is — other than that he will sit and talk to you for an hour even if he doesn’t know you — is that he’s a great guitar player,” Cooper continued. “He’s doing work right now with Jeff Beck. You don’t play with Jeff Beck unless you’re a hell of a guitar player. Johnny is a surprisingly good guitar player. He was a guitar player before he was an actor.”

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