John Ridley to put his own twist on sci-fi genre with upcoming comic ‘Ministry of Compliance’
John Ridley to put his own twist on sci-fi genre with upcoming comic ‘Ministry of Compliance’ (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Screenwriter-director John Ridley, best known for writing the Oscar winning 2013 film ’12 Years A Slave’, is now putting his own spin on the sci-fi alien invasion genre with ‘Ministry of Compliance’, an upcoming sci-fi thriller for comic book publisher IDW.

Known for his unique writing abilities, John Ridley’s style has been critically acclaimed, and this new comic promises to be a thrilling and thought-provoking addition to the genre. The creative team behind the comic also includes colorist Brad Anderson and letterer Ariana Maher, with the main covers being drawn by Raffaele & Anderson, and variant covers by Ryan Sook.

Apart from being an Oscar nominee, John Ridley is also an Eisner nominee for his work on ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’. An Eisner is essentially the Academy Award equivalent in the world of comic books.

According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, ‘The Ministry of Compliance’ takes place thirty seven years after Earth was secretly invaded by an alien force called the Devolution, which has been shaping humanity in preparation for our assimilation into its empire.”

“The thirteen ministries of the Devolution are responsible for manipulating different aspects of human life, with the Ministry of Compliance being the most feared. Led by Avigail Senna, the Ministry of Compliance ensures all ministries stay in line and focus on the larger mission. As Earth stands on the verge of assimilation, things start to go very wrong, and Avigail must deal with a conspiracy head-on.”

Expressing his excitement about working on ‘Ministry of Compliance’, John Ridley said in a statement, “I’ve been real fortunate to have had many ‘phases’ in my career, from starting out writing on ‘The Martin Show’ all the way up to ‘12 Years’ and everything that flowed from it.”

Speaking about the leads of the story and its themes, he said, “‘The Ministry of Compliance’, however, is really about these three trying to figure out who they are, and what they mean to each other which are the basics of human nature. Sometimes it takes ‘aliens’ to show us a little something about ourselves.”

John Ridley also added “But there’s always going to be part of me which is the kid who fell in love with storytelling by way of comic books. And to be real this is the craft that brings me the most joy.”

Comic book fans and those who are fans of Ridley’s work can look forward to the release of ‘Ministry of Compliance No. 1’ on November 15.

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