Quidditch League Name Change Gets A Reaction From JK Rowling
Quidditch League Decided To Change Their Name In Order To Stay Away From JK Rowling ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

If there is someone on the Internet who is as hated as Amber Heard at this very moment, it has to be the world-famous Harry Potter novelist JK Rowling. Her infamous comments about the trans folks were labelled Transphobic and that is exactly where it all went wrong. Not just the folks on the internet but many of her peers from the business withdrew their support from her calls her Transphobic comments ‘not good’. While it is almost a year to it, the brunt of the fire is very much still on her back.

JK Rowling is a name well known amid the Potterheads who have looked up to her for years now. The author wrote multiple Harry Potter books between 1997 to 2007. The same became the source for the 7 onscreen adaptations of several episodes from the books. What also came from her was the Fantastic Beast, which already has 2 parts out and the third hits the big screen in 2022 with its own share of controversies.

However, with her transphobic comments, JK Rowling put such an illustrious resume in danger. After the makers of the Fantastic Beast 3 almost didn’t credit her for the source material, turns out there are more people who don’t want to attach her name to their projects. Below are all the details about the same.

The latest is the Quidditch League, the organisers have decided to change the name of the event as they don’t what the ghost of Rowling’s controversies hovering over their project. But turns out this is not making JK Rowling change her stand that she took almost a year back. She has now replied to the league deciding to change the name.

In her cryptic tweet not directly pointing out the Quidditch League name change, JK Rowling has said the muggles can’t bring her down. The Harry Potter author wrote, “I never let the Muggles get me down,” with a kissing emoji. The tweet has been getting mixed response. Amid all of this the author does have some support from a few in her fandom.

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