Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez To Get Hair Plugs To Fight Receding Hairlines
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Have The Image Of Being One Of The Perfect Hollywood Couples

A lot goes into being a public figure and one that is touted to be perfect all the time. Hollywood’s very own famous pair for two decades and a tale straight out of film, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are known for their panache. While they are both superstars in their own respective realms, together they own a massive fan following as a couple leading to them being a very profitable union professionally and personally. But do you know receding hair is also a problem the two are facing at this moment?

Ben (50) and JLo (53) made all the possible headlines with their rekindled romance last year. The couple who broke their engagement just before their wedding 20 years ago came back together and walked down the aisle to say ‘we do’ this year. While that was a wholesome story to follow, the couple is now making news for a very unwanted reason.

As per unconfirmed viral reports, the receding hairlines and the fading volume has put Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in tension. The couple who is known for being perfect is now planning to get hair plugs to fix the hair problem. There is more to the story that is revealed by an insider and below is everything you need to know about this update of the day.

It is not surprising that both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are losing their hair rapidly as they are in their fifties. But being public figures that too from Showbiz, it is important to take measures and save Beauty as much as they can. So now as per a source close to the two who spoke to Global Magazine as reported in Epic Stream, the couple is getting hair plugs as Ben’s hair are getting thin on top and JLo is also facing some issue.

“Ben was getting thin on top and feeling very self-conscious. He started using Rogaine a while ago but didn’t leave anything to chance and got some weaves. Word is, he paid a couple thousand for his modern man do. He can comb it, fluff it up and style it as if it was his hair. Best of all, Jennifer can run her fingers through it and it won’t come off!”

Jennifer Lopez has earlier spoken about her obsession with hair and how she created an entire hair care brand because she didn’t know how to take care in her young days. Now with her entering the menopause age, she is seeing her body going through a change. “Jennifer’s fighting it to the max. She’s looking at all kinds of options, including a full-blown transplant. She has plenty of hair on the sides and in back, so it can easily be transferred to fill in her hairline.”

Meanwhile, the same report talks about how Jennifer Lopez has made Ben Affleck work out and change his routine to look perfect. “She’s also got him on board with Botox and other beauty treatments to kick off the new year looking as glam as possible. But hair is top of their list,” said the insider.

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