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Did You Know Jennifer Lawrence Has A Fear Of Fans? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

With fame comes responsibility, but in Jennifer Lawrence’s case, popularity has brought her fear. The actress is among Hollywood’s A-listers with an Oscar award in her name. While she enjoys a fanbase of millions, if you plan on approaching her in public, you must know she fears fans.

JLaw began acting in films during her late teens. However, she was shot to fame with her stunning performance in The Hunger Games. The actress also moved the audience with her role in Silver Linings Playbook, which brought her an Oscar.

Apart from her acting, Jennifer Lawrence is also known for being real even off-screen. However, the actress once revealed that she might become rude when she is suddenly approached by fans. In a 2016 interview with Vanity Fair, JLaw opened up about the problems she faced during encounters with her fans.

The actress revealed, “You might think you know me… But when you approach me, you’re a total stranger to me and I’m scared.” She further emphasised how she values her privacy and mentioned that she took a long time to protect her space. Jennifer Lawrence added, “But if I’m eating dinner and somebody comes up and a flash goes off from someone’s iPhone camera, I am really rude to that person. Then other people at the restaurant will see and be like, ‘Oh, damn, I don’t want to do that.'”

However, the Red Sparrow actress is not fond of being rude and is often thrilled to meet her fans. When Paul McCartney approached her as the music legend loved her performance to one of his tracks, JLaw did not say anything, literally. She revealed, “I just dropped my jaw and cried.”

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