Jealous Prince William Patched-Up With Kate Middleton After 6 Months Of Break-Up(Pic credit: Getty Images)
Prince William Broke Up With Kate Middleton Over Phone (Pic credit: Getty Images)

Prince William and Kate Middleton are one happy couple today. They are enjoying their lives to the fullest today. But did you know that this perfect couple too had their share of ups and downs in their relationship? Did you know that they had a breakup before they decided to get married?


Well, who would imagine that much in love Prince too may have had commitment issues? Anyway, continue reading further to get all the scoop you need.


According to reports in Geo Tv, Prince William’s lack of commitment for a longterm relationship with Kate Middleton made the two end their relationship and part ways on a heartbreaking note. The couple, now married with three kids, split up in a shocking move and that too over the phone.

This happened when they were dating each other during college, in 2007, and circumstances led to the two ending their relationship. However, Prince William got so jealous of watching Kate Middleton enjoying her life post-breakup, that he got back together with her within just six months of their split.

According to online magazine Japan FM, royal author Andrew Morton said, “In April, much to Kate’s distress, William ended their relationship. It was a storm that had been brewing for a long time, resulting from his reluctance to commit and the feeling that his friends noted he could do better.”

A friend close to the couple told the royal author that Prince William got jealous watching Kate Middleton move on from their relationship really quick and later regretted his decision to split. The friend said, “He thought he could do better, but realized very quickly what he had given up.

William has seen pictures of Kate coming out of Boujis or elsewhere carefree in the world. Frankly, he didn’t like the idea of another guy enjoying a hay roll with his girl,” they added.

The source reportedly shared that the breakup eventually made Prince William secure the relationship his parents had failed to share. “After the breakup, he achieved what he really wanted in life. A child from a broken house finds love, affection and warmth and a stable family,” the friend said.

Now that is just like any Hollywood film, isn’t it? We wonder what would happen if Kate would have refused to get back with William? What do you think?

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