James Gunn Slams DC Leaker For Spreading False Information That Margot Robbie Will No Longer Be Seen As Harley Quinn
James Gunn Bashes DC Leaker For Spreading False Information That Margot Robbie Will No Longer Be Seen As Harley Quinn ( Photo Credit – Flickr; Movie Still )

James Gunn has had enough of the online leaks that give out false pieces of information about his DCU projects and has slammed one particular leak account mercilessly. It is in the context of a leak that claimed Margot Robbie will no longer be seen in the role of Harley Quinn in the newly formed DCU by Gunn and Peter Safran. Scroll below to get all the deets.

Gunn, who has been fairly successful to give the MCU a fitting gift before his parting from the Marvel Studios in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, is gearing up for his future ventures in the DCEU. Several rumours take over the internet every day while some may have some truth in them but there are some made-up lies as well. Gunn, who is active on social media, could not take the lies anymore as he finally bashed the alleged leaker.

The Twitter page known as DCU Leaks earlier this month shared ‘misinformation’ that Margot Robbie is no longer Harley Quinn in the DCU, and it came after the rumours of her being in talks with Marvel Studios came out. For the unversed, rumours have been going about that she is being eyed for the role of Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot. James Gunn slammed the account by saying, “Dude, why do you just keep posting lies? Sometimes they’re just stupid made-up stuff. But other times, making up bullsh*t like this about people I care about can be hurtful. Maybe you’re having a difficult time in life & lying for attention is how you get solace. But please find a better way.”

That’s not all, the Twitter account, in reply, wrote, “I’ll do better And by sometimes, does that mean you found SOME of my lies okay,” quoting another rumoured news from their account. James Gunn retorted, saying, “I don’t think any lying is ok. I’m just demarcating the difference between stupid lies and potentially harmful ones.” Prior to this entire conversation, a fan shared a post from this account that said Thomas Haden Church has been cast as Jonathan Kent in Superman: Legacy, and it tipped James off the edge as he lashed out bluntly, saying, “Everything that handle posts is untrue. The fact they don’t allow replies should be a giveaway. But I love Tom who played my older brother in The Specials in 1999!”

The Twitter handle concluded by agreeing that although he is a huge DC fan, their “method [lying] is not okay” and declared the end of the account.

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For those who are not aware, Margot Robbie reprised her role as Harley Quinn in James Gunn-directed The Suicide Squad, which came out in 2021 after he was unceremoniously fired from Marvel Studios by Disney. Meanwhile, there has been no information about Robbie reprising her role in the new DCEU.

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