James Cameron Responds To Complaints Regarding Avatar 2 Looking "Much Like A Video Game"
James Cameron Defends Avatar 2’s Decision To Keep High Frame Rates(Photo Credit –Still From Show/Movie)

James Cameron is one of the most creatively sound and genius directors of all time who has given some cult classics to the Hollywood industry – be it Titanic or the Avatar franchise. Ever since Avatar: The Way of Water was released, it has received massive appreciation across the globe. Reports of the 3rd and 4th instalments of the franchise have already been on their way.

However, amid all of these, there have been some criticisms and complaints regarding the high frame rates of the movie, and now James has responded to it. Apparently, films are shot at 24 frames per second, but recently, filmmakers are trying a different route to add more definition to the scenes. Scroll below to know more.

As reported by The Direct, recently at a fan screening for Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron broke his silence on using high frame rates. Responding to the criticisms made by the audience, the filmmaker revealed the reason behind. On Twitter, Andrew J Salazar shared that one of the attendees said that they weren’t a big fan of HFR. ” Said it looks too much like a video game.” To that, James reacted, “I think they are some people who are more bothered by it than others… our goal is to keep making it better.”

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Going further in the conversation at the screening, James Cameron added that the audience complained more about the land scenes rather than the underwater scenes and shared that he is aware that HFR works perfectly underwater and that most complaints are for scenes on land essentially. He shared that it’s mostly there to help 3D but knows there’s way more progress to go.

This is not the first time that the director has spoken about the High Frame Rates. Earlier at the Busan International Film Festival in South Korea as reported in Variety, James Cameron spoke at length about why he had decided to up the frame rates. He had said, “We’re using [high frame rate] to improve the 3D where we want a heightened sense of presence, such as underwater or in some of the flying scenes. For shots of just people standing around talking, [high frame rate] works against us because it creates a kind of a hyper-realism in scenes that are more mundane, more normal. And sometimes we need that cinematic feeling of 24fps.”

As the theatres don’t support the switching between 24 fps and 48 fps, James Cameron had decided to keep it 48 for the whole time saying it’s just a simple hack “to use the high frame rate platform that already exists.”

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