Jackie Chan Gets Brutally Slammed As Lesbian Daughter Reveals He Abandoned Her Long Ago
Jackie Chan Gets Brutally Slammed As Lesbian Daughter Reveals He Abandoned Her Long Ago (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Jackie Chan is a self-made star who managed to make it big with his high-octane action movies infused with comedy. The actor has a massive fortune but it looks like his kids have to make it on their own. Jackie, in 2021, revealed that he won’t pass his fortune down to his son. And it has been recently revealed that he also abandoned his lesbian daughter a very long ago. Scroll down to know what’s really happening.

A video of Jackie Chan has been going viral where the actor is seen getting emotional after looking back at his movies as his daughter also joins him getting all emotional. Turns out the viral video is fake. The original one belongs to his new movie Ride On.

Jackie Chan’s daughter also spoke about the viral video, according to The Mirror and shared that it is not her in the video and that she was abandoned by the actor long ago while also dubbing him homophobic. Jackie’s daughter identified as Etta Ng Chok has claimed that she was left homeless as a result of his sentiments towards her s*xuality. They also revealed that they were struggling to upport themselves or to find help. According to the publication, Etta also shared that she one slept under a bridge. It was earlier reported that Chan’s daughter even attempted suicide multiple times in the past.

Take a look at the viral video:

Jackie Chan was earlier asked about his daughter’s s*xuality, to which the actor said, “If she likes it, that’s fine.”

A few social media users noticed that the viral video of Chan was indeed edited which did not feature his real-life daughter. One person reacting to it said, “The fact that not only that is an actress in a movie and not her actual daughter, but the fact that he’s estranged from his real life daughter for being lesbian is certainly something, huh.”

Another shared, “This isn’t wholesome at all.” The next one tweeted, “That is not his daughter… That’s a movie scene lol it’s a movie of him watching back all of his old movies.. The daughter is just an actress.”

One user got furious over the Karate Kid star and added, “He is a scumbag” as another chimed in, “Not his daughter. This is an edited clip from his movie “Ride On”. Fake.”

Another concluded, “Finding out Jackie Chan disowned his OWN daughter because she was gay & she been living on the streets homeless ever since while his net worth is 400m was not on my 2023 bingo card…

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