Josh Brolin on Thanos' return to the MCU
Josh Brolin reveals if Thanos will return in Marvel movies ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

It has been five years since the superheroes defeated and killed Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Endgame. Played by Josh Brolin, the Mad Titan is cited as one of the best supervillains in the MCU. Among the many villains that have come and gone in the Marvel movies, fans can’t get enough of him and, of course, Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston).

After Endgame, The MCU has moved from the infinity saga to the multiversal saga. We have jumped from Phase 3 to Phase 5 now. But hardly anything has appealed to the fans, except for Spiderman: No Way Home, Loki series, and Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings. On various social media platforms, fans often discuss how the MCU could bring back Thanos and revive the lifeless movies and series. There have been several rumours in the past. It can be rightly said that the current Marvel cinema needs excellent stories and fantastic villains.

Josh Brolin on Thanos’ Comeback in the MCU

Like the fans, even actor Josh Brolin has heard whispers about Thanos’ return. In an interview with Comicbook, the Avengers: Infinity War actor asked about his character’s potential return. Josh said, “You know, I hear kind of like through the grapevine, that they’re gonna bring him back.” The actor added that in Marvel’s What If…? series, there’s a different Thanos. But he doesn’t know if they will bring him back into the cinematic world. Josh said he had no idea the supervillain was the most killed Marvel villain.

Considering that Thanos was the most killed Marvel villain, there’s some hope. But it depends on how Kevin Feige and his team include Brolin’s character in the multiversal saga. So far, the MCU movies and shows look scattered and have little in common to merge everything for a good Avengers 5 movie.

Meanwhile, Josh Brolin is currently busy with the promotions of Dune: Part Two. In the Denis Villeneuve directorial, Josh plays Gurney Halleck. The sci-fi film also stars Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Austin Butler, and others. Dune 2 is slated to release in theatres on March 15, 2024.

Do you think Thanos should return to the MCU? Let us know in the comments below.

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