Gwen Stacy’s Character Has Clever Hints Which Might Prove She Is A Trans In The New Spider-Verse Movie
Gwen Stacy’s Character Has Clever Evidence Which Might Prove She Is A Trans In The New Spider-Verse Movie (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse seems to have clicked with the audience as Marvel’s new animation feature performs exceptionally well at the global box office. With a new movie comes new fan theories, and the latest to make the buzz is that Gwen Stacy might actually be transgender. And, apparently, there are several hints to prove the same which were spotted by the eagle-eyed fans in the movie. Scroll down to read more.

In the first film, titled: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Gwen Stacy (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) was seen as a dancer who bonded strongly with Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore). In the latest one, Gwen got a lot of screen space as the makers brought out her life story to the fans as she joins the Spider-Man society.

A Marvel on Twitter sparked a conversation around Gwen Stacy being trans in the movie after spotting clues in the movie. A Twitter user named Keizi Cinema stated, “Idk if this is crazy to say this but… I feel like Gwen might be trans… whether she actually is or isn’t, doesn’t make me mad, but if she is, I hope they shine more light on it.” This quickly kick-started a discussion among Spider-Man fans as they claimed that Gwen Stacy aka Spider-Woman might be a trans. The fans spoke about the hints like she had a “Protect Trans Kids” banner on her wall. Apart from this, the fans noticed that Gwen’s colour scheme in her universe was the same as the colours of the trans flag. Even the colour palette of her emotions was the same as that of a trans flag.

Take a look:

Another big piece of evidence was when fans spotted Gwen’s father, George Stacy, jacket with a trans flag. This might be a hint towards Gwen coming out to her father as she was first seen running away from her all her troubles.

If this was not enough, Gwen’s father Captain Stacy, in the final scene, can be seen wearing a white shirt, pink tie, and black pants… which might not be the trans colours but the colours of Spider-Gwen’s costume. This might be metaphorically showing that he is mentally aligned with his daughter.

Social media users too shed light on the same as one user tweeted, “I’m happy Gwen in ATSV makes trans people feel represented. I definitely see the allegory in the film and I’d be surprised if that wasn’t what the filmmakers were going for. Would them being trans be different from the comics? Sure. But most comic movies aren’t “accurate”.

Another wrote, “Pride Month + Across the Spider-Verse Month AND WE HAVE TRANS GWEN STACY. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY.”

One shared, “Gwen Stacy is the first trans Spider-Person in the Spiderverse.”

And, the next one concluded, “The fact that gwen has a trans pride pin on her jacket, a trans pride flag on her wall, her dad has a trans pride flag on his uniform, and that during the pivotal scene where her dad accepts her as spider-woman, the colour palette uses white, pastel blue and pink.”

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