Angelina Jolie Just Confirm The Eternals Sequel?
Did Angelina Jolie Confirm Eternals Sequel Announcement? Check Out! ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb )

We all know that the MCU stars are good at spilling spoilers and bad at keeping secrets. This time it seems like it was Angelina Jolie who may have let out a major MCU secret during a recent red carpet event!

Eternals recently had held its star-studded premiere in Los Angeles. The premier was attended by the lead cast of the film.

Now talking about the major secret, Angelina Jolie who portrays the role of Thena in Eternals was accompanied by Kumail Nanjiani (who plays the role of Kingo in the same film) at the recent red carpet interaction.

In the red carpet interaction, both of the stars were talking about their characters from the movie. Angelina Jolie went on to say that Kumail Nanjiani and she are very smitten with each other’s characters and during that exact time she ended up mentioning a sequel idea.

While converting at the red carpet interaction, Angelina said, “Could you tell, we both are obsessed with each other’s characters? So we’re hoping in the sequel, our characters are very good sparring partners, because we’re almost polar opposites. But yet they’re both a little out there, so they’d be a good time.”

After the 46-year-old actor ended up mentioning the sequel idea in her answer during the interaction, Kumail who was accompanying her was all silent. He just simply agreed with Angelina on the part where she spoke about their characters being a tremendous pairing as opposites, he said, “Yeah, great pairing, that’s exactly right.”

So did Angelina end up spilling out the huge secret? Since she mentioned the sequel it is now left the fans wondering if she accidentally confirmed it.

However, Marvel head, Kevin Feige has not communicated about any probable sequels to Eternals.

Seems like Angelina Jolie has joined alongside Tom Holland when it comes to accidentally spilling out MCU secrets!

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