Rose Byrne reveals 'Insidious' was made in just '22 days for about $8.50'
Rose Byrne reveals ‘Insidious’ was made in just ’22 days for about $8.50′ ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Actress Rose Byrne is stunned by the popularity of the film ‘Insidious’. The 43-year-old star, who played the role of Renai Lambert in the horror franchise, is amazed that the films have had a lasting impact from humble beginnings.

“I get little tidbits now and again about how it’s, particularly the first one, how it’s become more of a cult hit than I knew. That’s really delightful. Oh my God, we did that film in 22 days for about $8.50,” Rose told Collider, reports

“Obviously, it was with (writer) Leigh (Whannell) and (director) James (Wan) who had a great horror pedigree, but they’d had a pretty bad experience within the studio system in the last couple of movies. So they just went completely independent, raw filmmaking, back to their roots of independent filmmaking with Blumhouse.”

“So when I hear the trickle-down effect and how it has affected people in different ways now, it’s delightful.”

Rose is reprising the part in the upcoming movie ‘Insidious: Fear the Dark’ and had a “natural ease” with co-star Patrick Wilson – who will make his directorial debut on the flick. The ‘Troy’ actress said, “Oh, it was cute. OK, cute is not the word, but Patrick is… We have a very natural ease.”

“He’s very down to earth. He’s got kids and a family, and he’s such a pro. He has been doing it for so long, and (he) and James, he’s James’ muse in many ways. He’s been in every one of his projects.”

Rose continued, “I thought it felt like a natural progression that he would want to continue the story. He really worked so hard on the script for a long time. We had the pandemic, obviously, but we started talking about it, I think it was in 2019, I honestly do, before we actually shot it. So he was already really working hard on it then.”

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