James Bond Producer Shares An Update On The Film's Casting, Here's The Response!
James Bond Producer Gives An Update On Casting ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

James Bond, one of the legendary detective franchises, has garnered a lot of appreciation across the world. Daniel Craig’s version was the latest one, and 2021’s No Time To Die has been Daniel’s last venture donning 007’s suit. However, there have been a lot of speculations about who would become James Bond next, and now one of the producers of the franchise came with an update of the same which might leave you disappointed. Scroll below to get the scoop.

Even before premiering No Time To Die, there were speculations about who would be doing the next James Bond. Names like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Idris Elba were emerging as fan favourites. But nothing was confirmed.

Now, in an interview with LADbible, one of the producers of James Bond, Barbara Broccoli opened up about the casting update. And well, it’s not a good news. Putting all the rumours to the end, she explained that there isn’t even a script. The quote can be read as, “No, we haven’t even started casting yet. There isn’t even a script.”

Well, with no details on casting and script, it seems James 26 is in the far future. Earlier in 2022, Barbara Broccoli had explained that filming for the new James Bond will start in 2 years which means in 2024 and it can be expected that James 26 will premiere in 2025. And it can be hoped that by then we will surely get an update on who will be donning the character. She told Variety last September, “It’s an evolution. Bond is evolving just as men are evolving. I don’t know who’s evolving at a faster pace.”

This time has been taken to reform and ‘reinvent’ James Bond for James 26. Broccoli had shared that nothing has been finalised yet because they have some big plans for the character sketch. Broccoli further explained, “It’s not just about casting an actor for a film. It’s about a reinvention.”

So, even if the recent update is disappointing, we can only wait to get the actual confirmation on the casting of the next James Bond. What are your thoughts? Let us know your opinion on who would look the best as James Bond after Daniel Craig.

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