Tom Hanks Transformation For Cast Away
Tom Hanks Transformation During Cast Away(Pic Credit: Getty, IMDb)

There are just a few actors across the globe who take the route of method acting. Yes, there’s a high risk involved, but eventually, it pays off if the effort is honest. Amongst such actors who carry a tag of method actor on a sleeve proudly in the legend, Tom Hanks. Today, we’ll be talking about his transformation journey for Cast Away.


Released in 2000, Cast Away is a survival drama that revolves around a man who is stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes. His name is Chuck Noland and tries everything possible to survive the unknown place.


The concept was enough to give goosebumps and intrigues one’s attention. But to take the film one step higher, Tom Hanks gave his 110 per cent in terms of physical transformation. Tom started with an easy process of gaining extra pounds in order to play a healthy version of Chuck. He gained 50 pounds by avoiding any exercises.

The twist came when Tom Hanks started dropping his weight to play stranded Chuck Noland. To look deprived, he lost a huge amount of wait and guess what, Cast Away witness a halt of a year due to Tom’s weight loss process. Finally, after attaining desirable weight, the film resumed smoothly.

For shooting final scenes, Cast Away once again saw a halt for 4 months as it demanded Tom to gain a bit of weight.

Kudos to Tom Hanks and the Cast Away team for going through such a patient process of filmmaking. Thankfully, all their hard work paid off handsomely as the film turned out to be a huge critical and commercial hit. Made at an approximate cost of $90 million, the film earned $429.63 million at the box office.

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