Idris Elba Talks About Selling Weed To David Chappelle
Idris Elba Spoke About His Early Days In The States ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Idris Elba is without a doubt one of the most composed and mysterious men in Hollywood. The actor who looks all poised with panache on the outside is equally fun and goofy inside. The actor has been surprising his fans with his fun side through interviews and sometimes public events. Before he became an actor, Elba has strived hard to have the life he wished for. Being a DJ and all sorts of odd jobs that were available back in his day are all on his resume. But did you know he sold weed? And that too to a very famous Comedian?

Dave Chappelle is a comedian who has never measured words before they came out of his mouth. Before Idris did, he himself had revealed buying weed from the actor and years later watching him play a savvy drug dealer named Stringer Bell in The Wire. Now Elba is opening up about it.

Idris Elba who is promoting his latest flick Sonic Hedgehog 2 was caught off-guard when he decided to speak about his life when he wasn’t a successful actor in his early days in the states. As per Entertainment Weekly, he opened how his career “fell flat on its face very quickly for about four years. I did a lot of things, some things I’m not proud of”

When told to reveal what he wasn’t proud of, Idris Elba said, “I used to sell weed. Can I say that on the show?” When confirmed he can, he continued: “I did that for a little bit just to, you know, help pay the way. I DJ’ed quite a bit. I was a doorman. I was a doorman at Carolines comedy club [in New York], which is fascinating now, when I meet the comedians that you kind of remember the English guy. Tall English guy with the funny accent and the little hair.”

Idris Elba added, “David Chappelle remembers me ’cause he used to buy weed from me. Anyway, moving on. Yeah, I did all kinds of things to be honest, all kinds of things.”

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