Hugh Jackman's Wolverine & Chris Evans' Captain America Can Come Together Through Multiverse
Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Can Bring Back Chris Evans’ Captain America Through Multiversal ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

With the announcement of Hugh Jackman returning to play Wolverine and joining the forces with Deadpool, the audience has been pretty excited. As it was one of the most shocking announcements of the year, we never know he will interact with the characters of the MCU. Wolverine, being a war veteran, can bring back another war veteran, Captain Steve Rogers, with whom he joined the forces in the comics.

The X-Men movie showed Wolverine fighting in World War II joining forces with the US army. We all know another war hero who was a part of the fight but we could never see them together on the screen. However, they have worked together in the comics and with the concept of the multiverse, we might get to see them together one more time and this time on the big screen.

As the multiversal saga has opened doors for countless possibilities, it is not impossible to expect Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers to come together. Both of the Marvel characters met during world war II in Marvel Comics’s Earth-616 canon. Wolverine/ Logan was a part of Nick Fury Sir’s Howling Commandos, which appeared in the MCU’s first Captain America story. Wolverine joined forces with Captain America, Nick Fury Sir., and Bucky, which raised the possibility of MCU linking Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers through flashbacks in its future even if it involves alternate versions of the characters.

Hugh Jackman retired as Wolverine in its previous outing, and it is not confirmed how he will return to take on the mantle in Deadpool 3. While Marvel fans and pundits are speculating he will return through the possibility of a multiverse, it would not be the harm to speculate that Chris Evans to return as Captain America.

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