Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine Can Beat Hulk In A Fight, We Wonder What Mark Ruffalo Has To Say!
Hugh Jackman Says Wolverine Can Beat Hulk In A Fight, We Wonder What Mark Ruffalo Has To Say!

Hugh Jackman and Mark Ruffalo are up for the same Emmy. Hugh Jackman holds a record for the longest stint playing a Marvel superhero. On the other hand, Mark Ruffalo has played The Hulk in six MCU films. Jackman is confident that his Wolverine would beat Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in a fight. Want to know more? Read.


Mark Ruffalo is known to play Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. However, the character was earlier essayed by Edward Norton. But Norton left after some disputes with Marvel, and we got Ruffalo as the Hulk.


Needless to say, both Hugh Jackman and Mark Ruffalo are great actors. Jackman recently spoke with Sirius XM, where he opened up about his bond with Ruffalo. The actor even joked that Logan would definitely win against the Jade Giant in a fight.

Hugh Jackman said, “I’m trying to reach out to him but he’s not taking my calls so I guess I’m somehow laying the track for another feud here. Which thank goodness we are not in the same room together…. I’m laughing because Mark’s a very good friend of mine and I actually haven’t spoken to him about it. He’s absolutely astonishing in the show. I mean I think he is one of the best actors, certainly of our generation.”

Hugh Jackman added, “But Wolverine would beat him for sure let’s just be very clear…. I don’t know if you know this but The Wolverine actually appeared first in a Hulk comic. He was like a last page, some guy coming so it was The Hulk series he appeared so that’s sort of where that feud came from and then Wolverine sort of took on this whole life so I’m sure The Hulk is very jealous.”

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