How Does The Entertainment Industry Use QR Codes
How Does The Entertainment Industry Use QR Codes

The entertainment industry has evolved its means to spice up its upcoming movie and TV launch; various marketing tools to improve their marketing strategies have significantly impacted how people consume media for work and entertainment. And with the evolution the industry takes, various technological as QR codes are mainstreamed and used for marketing and scene adventure sceneries.


Started as a part of a promotional poster for the Iron Man 2 movie back in 2010, this powerful near-field communication tool has come a long way besides being used for marketing the film they convert into.


Since more than 2.2 billion people are still scanning their way to gather helpful information from a QR code, being left behind this emerging smartphone utilization habit can significantly cause a definitive impact on keeping their connection and relevance with their audience.

Because of that, movies and TV shows that are made and being released today are now rendering an online QR code generator to create a QR code that can entice the viewers to keep an eye on this small movie or TV show detail when watching.

How does the entertainment industry use QR codes?

With QR codes being rapidly used by people and their respective institutions and industries, the entertainment industry also follows the QR code scanning phenomenon as part of their movie or TV show screenplay. To know more about how the entertainment industry uses QR codes, here are some movies and TV shows in the current pandemic setting that integrate these 2D barcodes.

Red Notice

The recent heist-comedic movie hit, starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, has also integrated a QR code as an easter egg where the viewers when scanned, can get directed to a hilarious series of bloopers roll about the movie in production.

The solution the Red Notice production team used to make this possible is a video QR code and the sole purpose of it is to allow someone to embed a video in the QR code and decrypt the video by scanning the QR code being used for it.


The 2020 hit Korean drama Startup has wowed its viewers about what it is like to run a startup company in modern times. And as the Korean drama show predicts the likelihood of the struggles and triumphs of startup tech companies that wish to move to the next level with the funding the top tech businesses can grant, one pivotal scene catches the attention of many viewers.

In a scene where people exchange conference ID information to lure potential employees to their team, QR codes grace their presence to each participant’s ID. The cast of the hit KDrama series demonstrates how the QR codes work with using their smartphones by scanning them and adding them to their team.

This Kdrama showcases the cool side of using QR codes for tech business conferences, like recruiting talent to one of the participating companies with just a scan of the participant’s conference ID QR code.

Ready Player One

Ready Player One is a jam-packed sci-fi adventure movie that revolves around the age where the virtual connection is more valued than the physical one. Launched in 2018, the Ready Player One production manages to include a QR code in their official trailer. In the movie teaser, the code is placed in the hood of the

How do movie and TV show makers can create a QR code?

With the said integration of QR codes in some of the movies and TV shows mentioned, it is crucial to know how they make them scannable for all. Here are the following QR code generation steps that they enforce to get a hint of how the film and TV makers do it.

1. Select and open a QR code generator with logo website and subscribe for an account

2. Choose the category of the movie elements to use in turning into a QR code.

3. Click the Generate Dynamic QR code button to get more control

4. Recalibrate the QR code design and blend it with your movie or TV show promotion materials

5. Do a scan test

6. Download your QR code and place them strategically in your movie/TV show promotional materials.


QR codes are, without a doubt is one of the most potent yet cost-efficient near field communications technology that various industries use to fasten information transfer with just a scan from the recipients’ smartphone camera.

Because of this, their integration in the entertainment industry is highly regarded. With keeping up their relevance and connection to their audience, these 2D barcodes are now used by movie and TV show makers to educate and encourage more people to start using QR codes in their personal and business endeavors.

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