Ryan Reynolds Shares How A Local Pizza Place Has Mistaken Him For Ben Affleck For Years
Ryan Reynolds Says That He Is Mistaken To Be Ben Affleck  ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

Ryan Reynolds shares that he is often mistaken for Ben Affleck and Ryan Gosling. Reynolds had a successful year when it comes to his career. In recent times, he starred in two high-grossing films, Free Guy and Red Notice. Though the actor talked about taking a sabbatical from acting, Ryan is set to appear in ‘The Adam Project’ in 2022 and ‘Spirited.’

Reynolds’ life outside Hollywood seems equally exciting. The Deadpool actor is married to Blake Lively and has three children together. Other than that, Reynolds also has a huge fan following from across the globe.

One would think that being as famous as he is, Ryan Reynolds would have a crowd following him everywhere. Though true for other times, Ryan shares how he is often mistaken to be the Hollywood hunk, Ben Affleck. During an interview on the Dear Hank and John podcast, he explained how one pizza place in New York has believed that he was Affleck for years.

“I do everything normal like everybody else. [The people at the pizza place] just think I’m Ben Affleck, and they’ll ask how JLo is, and I’m like, ‘great, good.’ I get the pizza, and off I go…” Ryan Reynolds said. “Well, the difference [between Gosling and me] is easy to spot. Ryan Gosling has blonde hair, and Ryan Reynolds is a [expletive],” he continued as he explained his resemblance with Gosling.

Reynolds’ fans would know that he and Ryan Gosling have been friends for some time, and a lot of people have assumed that they are the same person. Other than sharing the first same name, both have a lot in common, such as their aspirations.

Once before, actor Jake Gyllenhaal also added to the long-running joke of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling being the same person while promoting the film, ‘Life.’ Though not any big similarity can be noted between Ryan and Ben Affleck, we can see how people can get confused between the two.

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