Eternals To Bring Harry Styles To The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Harry Styles Is Playing Eros, Thanos’ Brother(Photo Credit: Facebook)

The countdown for the Eternals has already begun and now we are a fortnight away from the release of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third feature in Phase 4. The movie directed by Chloé Zhao has many reasons to be excited for. Of course, the director, than the illustrious Marvel debut actors like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington and others are making. Amid all of this now there is a new addition to the universe that has left us excited, and it talks about Harry Styles.

Well well well, Eternals takes us back thousands of years to make us understand the life of these celestial beings that the MCU is exploring for the first time. The question, where were these beings when Avengers needed help while fighting Thanos? Also lurks around the project, and it has already promised to answer that. But while all of that stays, the post-credits of the movie are set to reveal something bigger.



As per the latest update, Marvel’s biggest surprise with Eternals has been revealed and they are bringing Harry Styles in the MCU. The speculations had him for the longest time. The actor is all set to play Eros, Thanos’ brother and below is all you need to know about the same.

Every Marvel movie now has to have credits. As per the latest tweet by Variety’s senior film writer Matt Donnelly, the post-credits in Eternals will being Harry Styles to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He wrote, “Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere — Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos.”

Well this is the most exciting news about the movie that has already a lot of hopes hooked to it. For the unversed, Eros is Thanos’ brother and also known as Starfox. His completely opposite to his galaxy conquering brother. Comics defines him as an intergalactic womaniser/playboy. Though you will find him on the side of the heroes he also has a mischievous trait to him. His stint as an Avenger ended when he was accused of a sexual assault.

The news about Harry Styles has sent the internet into a meltdown and the fans haven’t been able to keep calm ever since. Below are a few tweets compiled

Eternals releases in theatres on November 5.

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