Olivia Wilde On Cut Oral S*x Scene In Don’t Worry Darling Trailer
Don’t Worry Darling Will Release On September 23 ( Photo Credit – Still from Don’t Worry Darling; Olivia Wilde / IMDb )

Pop sensation and actor Harry Styles with his lady love Olivia Wilde and co-star Florence Pugh is making all the possible buzz for their film together titled Don’t Worry Darling. The movie that now hits the Venice Film festival on September 5 has been making news since the launch of the trailer. While the bold take was appreciated there were many who did not find a reason for the intimacy. The filmmaker has now revealed that the trailer originally included more of the intimacy including an oral s*x scene.

For the unversed, Harry is coming back to big screen with the movie that is about a couple and a trajectory that is bizarre and intriguing at the same point. But now Olivia has come out and revealed that the MPA has come down hard on the original cut of the trailer and the team had to chop out a few intimate scenes. Read on to know everything you need to about the same.



Talking to Associated Press MPA directed her to remove additional scenes labelling them too risqué said, “There’s a lot that had to be taken out of the trailer. The MPA came down hard on me and the trailer at the last second and I had to cut some shots, which I was upset about because I thought they it took it up another notch. But of course, we still live in a really puritanical society.”

The Don’t Worry Darling filmmaker added, “I do think the lack of eroticism in American film is kind of new. Then when it comes to female pleasure, it’s something that we just don’t see very often unless you’re talking about queer cinema.” Wilde while talking about her Harry Styles and Florence Pugh starrer had said something similar. Olivia Wilde said, “Female pleasure, the best versions of it that you see nowadays, are in queer films.”

“Why are we more comfortable with female pleasure when it’s two women on film? In hetero s*x scenes in film, the focus on men as the recipients of pleasure is almost ubiquitous,” she said. Wilde in her AP interview said “people are upset with me already over this,” nod to the oral s*x scene that has irked many. “I think it’s a testament to the film. We want to be provocative. The idea is not to make you feel safe.”

Don’t Worry Darling hit shores world wide on September 23. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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