Harry Styles Gets Mobbed By Paps In NYC, Fans Say “Never Wanted To Ccream 'Leave America' So Loudly Before” Troll Olivia Wilde For Enjoying The Attention
Harry Styles Fans Are Pissed With The Paparazzi Hounding The Star, Trend #FreeHarry While Also Slamming GF Olivia Wilde For ‘Enjoying’ It ( Photo Credit – Olivia Wilde / Instagram; Harry Styles / Facebook )

Harry Style is in the news for many things – his music, his films, his fashion and also his relationships. The former One Direction member’s love life has always been a topic of discussion among his fans and by the media. However, HS stans aren’t too happy with the recent incident of paps surrounding their idol while exiting a restaurant with girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

As seen in the pictures and videos now going viral on social media, the ‘Harry’s House’ artist and his ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ director & co-star are exiting an NYC restaurant. Surrounded by dozens of photographers and videographers, the ‘As It Was’ singer has his head down as he makes his way through the mob, while his girlfriend looks gleeful with the attention she’s receiving.

Harry Styles fans are pissed with this behaviour of the paparazzi. From slamming them for treating the singer like an animal and not a human to apologizing to HS, his followers have flooded social media in his support with the hashtag ‘Free Harry’. Not just that, they have even slammed Olivia Wilde for being all smiles and enjoying the limelight while her boyfriend looked clearly uncomfortable. They are now trending the hashtag ‘times up Olivia’ while trolling her for being heartless.

Calling for Harry Styles to be free of the hounding by the paparazzi, one user apologized to the pop star writing, “I am so sorry Harry. You are so strong. It will end soon for sure. Please take care. You are worth it. We love you and will always be there for you.” Another tweeted, “He is a celebrity i agree but he didn’t signed up for being dragged,pushed, paparazzi doing bullshit. This is active abusing near him and it won’t be tolerated by anyone despite he’s a celebrity or not. #timesupolivia #Freeharry”

Another Harry Styles fan, referencing a line from the singer’s As It Was that European fans kept screaming during his recent tour, tweeted, “no wonder ppl scream leave america the loudest while he was in europe he wasn’t mobbed with paps or fans. fr though 3 pap walks in a day cmon #FreeHarry” One other wrote, “this is so awfully disgusting. it’s so fucking sick and i truly have never wanted to scream ‘leave america’ so loudly before #FreeHarry” Another added, “Imagine how much anxiety someone can get with all these people pushing,taking pics of you! And the b!tch Olivia Wilde is happy, content with all the attention,FVCK YOU🖕🏻��🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 @Harry_Styles I’m so sorry for everything you go through,I hope it ends soon”

Slamming Olivia Wilde for having a huge smile and enjoying the attention while the paparazzi mobbed her and Harry Styles as they left the restaurant, one netizen wrote, “this is so disgusting. she should go back to the hell hole she came from and leave our harry alone. like back tf up bitch, he’s human not a fricking robot. it’s sick and twisted and never made me want to scream ‘leave’ america harder than now #FreeHarry” Another wrote, “I wouldn’t share her face but for the sake of people opening their eyes… Can we compare? In every moment, you can read everything on his face. So pay attention for fucks sake. And of course she’s enjoying this.” A third added, “You are a fucking loser! You crave for attention so much that you make the most kind and beautiful human on this earth frown! Go find a job you bitch 💀🐙 #FreeHarry #timesupolivia”

What are your views on this recent spotting of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde? Do you agree with HS fans and slam Olivia too?? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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