James Gunn Gets Candid About Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, The Suicide Squad!
James Gunn Gives Latest Update About Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, Talks The Suicide Squad & More(Pic credit – James Gunn/ Instagram )

James Gunn was asked to leave Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 (GOTG3) for his ‘indefensible’ behaviour as per The Walt Disney Studios chairman, Alan Horn. But, he was rehired on the project after his considerable amount of discussions with the production house.


In this latest ‘mini ask me anything’ session with fans, he has talked about a lot of interesting things not just about GOTG3 but also about The Suicide Squad. He informs about the latest development on the Guardians film & also talks about re-casting in The Suicide Squad.

A fan asked regarding tweaks in Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, “Did there have to be any tweaks to Vol. 3’s script?” To which James Gunn replied, “I’m ALWAYS tweaking the script for artistic reasons – and will continue to do so – but nothing else.”


Another fan wondered if the script of the film has been changed, “Has the script changed much from the previous GotG 3 script from back before the thing happened?”In a very subtle way, Gunn said, “No, very little.”

On re-casting Suicide Squad, a fan asked, “How come you kept the original casting from the previous SS film for returning characters? Was there ever a possibility you may not? I’m assuming you could have changed them if you’d wanted to? Just wondered why given you seem to have had a blank canvas to do anything you wanted?”

James Gunn replied, “There was a possibility I wouldn’t use them, yes, but I love those characters, and I think @DavidAyerMovies did a great job casting them.”

The big question of GOTG 3’s current update, “Have you started on GOTG 3 yet? Any kind of planning going on or is it all Peacemaker for now? Gunn said the “script is written, and most of the production heads have been hired.”

A fascinating question highlighted what every Marvel fan wanted to know, “Do you get word on what elements from other MCU movies need to be added before or after the script is written?” About which James Gunn revealed, “Never have ever had to add anything besides Thanos in Vol 1.”

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