Golden Globe Actress Angela Bassett Talks About Mantra Of Successful Marriage
Golden Globe Actress Angela Bassett Reveals It Is Important To Marry The Right Person (Pic Credit: Instagram)

Golden Globe Actress Angela Bassett won’t forbid her kids if they follow her into the movies. The 64-year-old actress vows to always support her children irrespective of what they do in their careers, reports

Angela Bassett who recently won Globe Globe said, “They want to follow the success, but whether it be acting, I don’t get any clues to that right now. It’s a little music, a little sports. But whatever they want to do, I support them,” Angela explained to PEOPLE when speaking about her kids’ interests.

Angela recently won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, and the Hollywood star revealed that she celebrated her success with her kids. She said: “I went home and hugged my kids. They were really excited for mom to bring home a statue.”

Meanwhile, Angela previously claimed that finding the “right” person is the key to wedded bliss. The actress has been married to husband Courtney B. Vance since 1997 and she feels that couples in the spotlight need to be “looking in the same direction.”

She explained: “Staying together so long, whether in the industry or not, I think the important thing is that you gotta marry the right person. Make sure you’re both looking in the same direction, basically.”

The Golden Globe awardee further said, ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ star added that couples should both recognise and respect each other’s individual wishes. Angela explained: “You’re not clones of each other, but you have similar or closest similar belief systems and, you know, pleasant personalities.”

She further added, “Because we all have strengths and weaknesses, and we want to support one another. But I think also recognising that we are each individual, we have our individual dreams and desires and hopes and ways of doing things.”

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