George RR Martin Says Game Of Thrones Is Not Anti-Woman
Game Of Thrones Creator George RR Martin Speaks On Having Fewer Women Ruler In His Stories(Pic Credit: Poster, Wikipedia)

Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin doesn’t think his stories are any more misogynistic than real life or history. Recently, the author, along with the cast of the GOT spinoff House of the Dragon appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con. They discussed several things, including how are fewer female rulers in the story.

For the unversed, the spinoff, which is set hundreds of years before the events of GOT, will be released in the coming month, It will cover the history of the Targaryen family when they ruled Westeros. Much like the original series, even the side story features fewer women in authoritative roles, and Martin has a simple reason behind it.



“I get inspiration from history, and then I take elements from history, and I turn it up to 11,” George RR Martin said as per Entertainment Weekly. He explained how he doesn’t think the fictional continent featured in Game of Thrones is not anti-women. “I don’t think Westeros is particularly more anti-woman or more misogynistic than real life and what we call history,” the author continued.

Though George RR Martin chose to stick with the real-life history when it comes to women rulers in Game of Thrones, the HBO series has also met with a lot of backlash over its portrayal of s*x scenes and nudity. As we all know, the show is full of such scenes, which are not always intimate, passionate, or steamy.

One of the most controversial ones remains to be the r*pe of Sophie Turner‘s Sansa Stark. Many viewers have been concerned over having more triggering content in House of the Dragon. However, it was recently confirmed that the spinoff will feature fewer s*x scenes in it.

The showrunner of the Game of Thrones spinoff revealed this information but further added that the series will not shy away from depicting the s*xual violence of Targaryen life. Do you agree with what George RR Martin said? Let us know!

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