George Clooney & Julia Roberts Had A Tough Time Shooting Their Kissing Scene For Tickets To Paradise
George Clooney & Julia Roberts’ Kissing Scene In Tickets To Paradise Was Hard To Shoot(Pic Credit: Instagram, Wikipedia)

George Clooney and Julia Roberts talk about how much time it took them to film a single kissing scene in their upcoming film Ticket to Paradise. The two reunited for the rom-com movie after starring alongside each other in the Ocean’s film franchise. Both played the role of each other’s love interest in the film series, and their chemistry was lauded.

Now, the Hollywood duo will appear as ex-spouses who team up in an effort to stop their daughter from marrying a man she’s just met. The movie will be hitting the screens on 15th September and Clooney and Roberts are busy promoting it.



While doing that, the pair talked about their kissing scene from the film and joked how it took 80 takes to shoot that. While speaking with The New York Times, George Clooney and Julie Roberts revealed that their on-screen smooch took “six months” to perfect. “One kiss. And we did it for, like, six months,” Roberts said.

George Clooney said, “Yeah. I told my wife, ‘It took 80 takes.’ She was like, ‘What the hell?’” To this Julia Roberts added, “It took 79 takes of us laughing and then the one take of us kissing.” Tickets to Paradise actor chimed in, “Well, we had to get it right.” The Batman & Robin star also shed some light on his shirtless scene in the movie opposite an angry dolphin.

“That was a pretty quick shot, I’ll tell you that. The dolphin looked better,” George said. Besides working together, the two co-stars are also long-time friends. Their friendship became in 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven and has continued ever since.

Not just them, but George Clooney and Julia Roberts are also close to each other’s spouses. Are you excited to see the duo share screen after a long time in Tickets in Paradise?

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